Intermediate through Advanced Group Classes

ROCK BAND - Have a blast while acquiring rehearsal skills and learning cooperation and teamwork. Suitable for intermediate to advanced level students (and all ages!), who want to unlock their creative potential and are interested in songwriting and improvisation techniques. A minimum of one year of private instrumental or vocal instruction is recommended prior of registration for this class.

Friday,  6:00PM- 7:00PM.
Tuition: $125 per month.

CHAMBER ENSEMBLES -  An amazing experience of making music together!  Suitable for intermediate to advanced level students. Students are placed in chamber groups - duos, trios and quartets based on their age and abilities. A highly recommended class for all who want to improve their sight reading skills and deepen their knowledge of the classical repertoire. A minimum of one year of private instruction is required.

Monday, 7:30PM - 8:15PM
Monday, 8:15PM - 9:00PM ( adults)
Tuition:  $125 per month

MUSIC THEORY -  This is a class of a greatest importance for the fundamental understanding of music. Using a hands- on approach, students will learn music notation, ear- training, intervals, scales, chords, forms, harmony, song writing, etc.  Students will be placed in groups based on their age and level. A minimum of 6 months to a year of private  instruction is required.

Saturday, 3:30PM -4:30PM
Saturday, 2:30PM -3:30PM ( adults)
Tuition:    $125 per month