Preschool, Before & After School Care

We are the only academy in the area to offer a unique preschool, before and after school program with emphasis in music, dance and art. There is a huge need for proper care and education for our children before,after school and during the day. Providing such a service is one of our major goals. We work hard to find and hire the most qualified instructors for the best learning environment.

During the hours the students are at the Academy, they can choose any private classes in piano, guitar, drums, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, etc

Also they can be part of group art, dance, language and voice lessons, use the computer lab and do their home work with the help of our experienced tutors.

Computer Lab – Offers an opportunity to reinforce the learning process through fun and educational music games, introducing music software and the application of computers to music and art.

Italian Language – Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance, of some of the greatest musicians and artists, of many musical instruments and the opera, and of the beautiful singing style, bell canto. Italian is the language of music. we are using many Italian terms in music today.

Music – As Edgar Cayce said: “If you learn music, you will learn most all there is to know”. We would like our students to experience a real music school offering Ear training, fun Music Theory Games, basic Music History— learning about the origins of music and musical instruments, the life of composers and their works.

Voice – Prof. Welch, President of the International Society of Music Education said that “Singing is our birth right.” Speech and singing are indeed connected from prehistoric times and essential for expression and communication. We would like to help our students to develop their voice, intonation, articulation to the full potential.

Dance – Dancing helps us stay fit and always in great shape in the most fun and creative way! We have a program of exercises, modern and creative
movements for both girls and boys!

Art – Creating art is another powerful way of self-expression. Learn more about the connections between music, dance and art and get ready for opportunities to combine them together!

Other Highlights:

  • Daily healthy snack.
  • Help with completing home work
  • Training with highly educated and experienced instructors

Special for the academic 2016 - 2017! starting at only $250/ month if you register before September 1st to reserve your space!

Please call us at 703 249 8888 to enroll now!