Creating art is one of our most fun and stimulating abilities. Both children and adults are busy with their every day responsibilities and obligations. They need time to relax and enjoy, and get in touch with their creative inner side. We believe it is essential to boost everyone’s creativity and imagination. The more creative we are, the more we can achieve in our lives. Creativity is the key to solving problems, finding solutions, adapting to situations, and reaching goals.

We offer art classes and workshops because we understand that art is allied to music. For thousands of years, music, dance and art have been inseparable. Later on, paintings and other art work inspired great music compositions. A brilliant example is the Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky‘s masterpiece, “Pictures of an Exhibition”, inspired by an exhibition of his friend Viktor Hartman’s paintings at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg.

We also would like to offer an opportunity for the most advanced students in both music and art to create a music composition inspired by a painting or create a painting inspired by music composition. In the near future we are planning to launch an annual competition, “Music Painting,” with awards sponsored by Global Music & Dance Foundation.

Art classes are offered for small groups of students. We invited instructors from "Abracadoodle" to teach in GMA. Abrakadoodle, the popular award-winning art and creativity program was voted “Best Art Class to Bring Out Your Child’s Inner Picasso.” Abrakadoodle offers art camps and art parties for children ages 20 months to 12 years old. In Abrakadoodle art classes and programs, children:

  • Learn about artists and artist styles,
  • Develop new skills,
  • Learn about Artists of Distinction,
  • Demonstrate art techniques,
  • Explore creative art materials, and
  • Design original artwork!