Global Music Academy, Inc. Terms and Conditions for Students

1.  Tuitions for music lessons are due at the start of the first lesson of each month.Tuitions for dance lessons are due at the start of the first lesson of each month or a session. The tuitions are annual, prorated in monthly payments. Payments are accepted through PayPal, cash, check, or credit card. After the first week there will be a late fee of $15. Students must be current in their payments in order to receive lessons. [_____]

2.  Withdrawal policy for private music lessons.  You have to call 24 hours in advance in order to cancel your lesson. We will try our best to reschedule, however it is not guaranteed. There is no refund for missed lessons. Tuition is not to be Prorated due to absences for any reason, except family emergency. Teachers are under no obligation to give make-ups as a result of student absence, but may do so at their discretion if their schedule permits. If a student is late for the class, the instructor will use the amount of time left in the slot for the class. In the event of teacher’s absence or school cancellation due to inclement weather, the lesson will be made up at a mutually convenient time by the end of the academic year. If a teacher is unable to make up a missed class, which was due to teacher’s absence or school cancellation, the account will be credited. One month notice is required in order to discontinue lessons. If you expect to be away for an extended period of time, you can discontinue your lessons and sign up again later. Your time slot is not guaranteed unless you continue paying.  [______]

3. Withdrawal policy for the After School program and Dance program.  You are signing up for the entire school year, unless specified otherwise. The cost may vary if you are signing up for only one semester. [______]

If withdrawal for private lessons is necessary, a 30-day advance written notice is required to discontinue any classes using a GMA Withdrawal Form. This form needs to be submitted directly to the office, so that GMA may make up appropriate changes in its system. Non-attendance, verbal communication of intent to withdraw to faculty or staff, or notification by phone or email does not constitute an official termination notification. The student is financially responsible for all lessons until the termination date, whether the student chooses to attend or be absent. Students who pay upfront in full for the entire year and wish to discontinue lessons before the academic year ends and give 30 day notice will receive a refund for the
remaining lessons after the 30 day notice withdrawal period. GMA reserves the right to dismiss any student due to lack of interest or progress, frequent absences, behavioral problems, delinquency in payment of tuition and/or failure to abide by GMA policies.

Dance Students Make-up Policy

●    Students may make up a missed class by attending another class offered in our schedule.
●    Students and or parents must call and pre-arrange a makeup class.
●    Missed classes not made up will be lost classes.
●    Tuition will not be refunded for unattended classes or classes that are not made up.
●    Make-Ups must be made within the same session (e.g. Fall Session, Spring Session, etc.) and cannot roll over to future sessions.
●    All children dance students and adult dance students can sign up in advance for a session and the tuition is not prorated due to absences for any reason.  [______]

4.  If the teacher is absent, there will be credit or a makeup session at the student’s option. [ ______]

5.  Piano students may start lessons with electric keyboards, but when they reach a certain level ( usually within 6 months)  they will be required to have an acoustic piano.  We will be happy to recommend piano brands and piano tuners for you. [______]

6.  We are closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day and July 4th. Some holiday lessons could be scheduled on request. [______]

7.  Effective each year on January 1st, tuition will be adjusted for cost of living increases based on the Consumer Price Index.[______]

8.  Some programs involve physical activity that may cause injury to students while participating.  The student or student’s parents assume all risks of injury to the student and waive any and all claims and/or causes of action against Global Music Academy, Inc., its officers, employees, contractors, and/or insurance carriers.[______]

9.  With written permission we may occasionally photograph students for promotional purposes.[______]

10. I received a copy of the GMA Parent/ Student Handbook. [______]