Private Music Lessons

We offer individual classes in voice and all music instruments: Piano, Strings ( Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar), Woodwind ( Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone), Brass (Trumpet), and Drums.

The following packages are available:
Basic Beginner Package – $155 per month for 30-minute lessons.
Intermediate Advanced Package – $220 per month for 45-minute lessons.
Master Package – $300 per month for 1-hour lessons.

For only a $30 fee added to the monthly tuition, you can have a choice of: use of the computer lab prior to the weekly music lesson, a one-hour music theory/ music history lesson, a 30-minute chamber music lesson or a 30-minute rock band lesson.

Note: For all beginner students the computer lab is the best and most appropriate choice followed by the music theory/ music history lessons. For the chamber music or rock band sessions we will pair the students according to their level. However, the students are also encouraged to bring a sibling or a friend to play with.

Students can also make their own package of lessons purchasing two or more of the above options.

There is one time registration fee of $35 required only for new students.