Dance Class Descriptions

Please note that all classes are subject to availability.  
In all dance classes, choreography will be taught and the students will have the opportunity to perform it at the end of the year recital. t and the students will have the opportunity to perform it at the end of the year recital.


A perfect introduction to music and dance! This 30 minutes long class is structured to help the children  learn and discover very basic movements, expressions, and creativity thru movement games, exercises, and stretches alongside their parents. The selected music is variety of famous children’s songs and Disney movies songs. It is an ideal introduction to dance for the 2 and 3 years old and a fun class for their mothers, too!


This class is designed to to help the young beginner students between 3 to 5 years old develop coordination, balance, musicality, rhythm,  flexibility, self-discipline, and confidence by movement games and simple routines. The class consist of approximately 15 minutes stretches and exercises, 10 minutes games, and 30 minutes simple routines using popular upbeat children songs and Disney movie songs, although some great classical music is also incorporated.  The children are introduced to simple Ballet and Tap steps and positions.


This class is designed especially for  5 to 8 years old beginners. Ballet is the technical foundation of most other dance genres, and we like to encourage our students to study ballet in addition to their other dance classes. Since ballet class provides such a strong technical framework, we encourage children who are new to dance to start with ballet first. The students will learn Ballet formation, positions and steps, proper technique at the barre and center floor, with an emphasis on correct body placement.  In this class the students will explore also the rhythmical sound that comes from their Tap shoes. Beginners will first be introduced to basic steps then progress to more fast paced. The class consist of approximately 15 minutes of stretches and exercises, 20 minutes introduction to Ballet and 20 minutes introduction to Tap.


This class is also designed for 5 to 8 years old beginners. Tap dancing is about rhythm, footwork timing and musicality.  Beginners will first be introduced to basic steps then progress to more difficult and fast paced steps. Jazz dancing is focused on a high level of energy. Students will learn choreography to popular music, beginning with simple basic steps then  gradually progressing to more difficult and fast paced steps. This class consist of approximately 15 minutes warm ups ( stretches and exercises), 20 minutes Tap steps and routine and 20 minutes Jazz steps and routine.


Character dance introduces students to another aspect of classical ballet - the folk-inspired dances from many nations, mostly originated from the European countries, that are often incorporated into classical repertory.  Dancers study polonaise, mazurka, tarantella, and other historical and ethnic dances.  Studying character is not only a lot of fun, but it prepares career minded dancers for some of the dance forms they will encounter while preparing for performances and competitions. The class is suitable for students who already successfully participated in any of the above beginner Ballet classes and it consist of approximately 15 minutes warm ups and 40 minutes choreography and routines.

HIP HOP level 1 and 2 -

Hip Hop is a form of dance that focuses on the hip hop culture, music, attitude, style and funk. Students will learn age appropriate basic street style of dancing and the latest hip hop moves taught in a gentle, yet challenging format. Focus will be placed on hip hop technique, style, and building choreography blocks. A high energy dance sequence will be created that is fun, funky, and a great exercise too. No previous dance experience necessary; each movement will be taught step-by-step. The classes normally consist of 15 minute warm ups and 40 minutes choreography.


We offer a Boys- only class, because boys may be more comfortable participating in  a boys-only setting. Please note that boys are welcome in any of our other classes of the appropriate age and level and are not limited to the boys-only class. The above class description and lesson plan also apply to our boys-only class. Moreover, the students will learn different turns and jumps specific for the male dancers.


A class suitable for beginner to intermediate level students between 8 and 15 years old. Students learn the correct body posture, strength, flexibility, technique, and  terminology. The class is starting with approximately 15 minutes warm ups, 35 minutes Ballet as a the technical foundation and continuing with 35 minutes of Jazz.  This almost 90 minute long combo class offers the opportunity to learn Technique, Ballet and Jazz routines all together.

BALLET level 2 -

This class in build on the foundations learned in the previous classes. The number of steps is increased and combined to form new ones. Turns and 5th position are introduced.  The class contains warm ups for 15 minutes, and technique and choreography for 40 minutes.


This class is  focused  primarily on developing a strong technical foundation, while emphasizing proper alignment, turnout, gracefulness,  fluidity and  strength.  This is a highly recommended class for all Ballet students.


Students will learn different ballet choreographies from ballet productions.  This way they will be able to create a dance variation, modified from the original theme by varying the body, energy, space and time elements.


This class is for the more advanced ballet students only. At this level we  concentrate on strengthening exercises and preparation for pointe.  This is a ballet class where only students ready for pointe will be allowed to wear pointe shoes.

JAZZ Level 2 -

This is an intermediate jazz class designed to augment basic jazz training.  It will continue to build on the skills learned in Jazz level 1, including positions, turns, jumps, leaps and choreography.  We will also focus more intently on core strength and other elements of conditioning.

TAP Level 1 -

This class is for beginning tapper.  The students will learn and build on basic skills and fundamentals that increase rhythm, strength and coordination.  It consist of warm up footwork exercises and choreography.

TAP Level 2 - 

The next step for our tappers.  Building on the skills learned in  Tap 1, this class will focus on more intermediate tap skills with emphasis in rhythm and Broadway styles.


This class is structured to help students learn different turns, tricks, leaps, and jumps associated with ballet, jazz, modern, and lyrical dance forms.


The class focuses on exploring each dancer’s individual and spatial awareness, range in qualities, and ability to move in unexpected ways. Rather than learning a rigid technique, students will be supported in feeling the movement in their own bodies, with special attention to musicality, gravity, and fluidity through quirky floor work, center exercises, and combinations. Students will learn to dance with their emotions and moods. Since Modern dance does not follow any structured codes students must be currently enrolled in a ballet class.


This class teaches a combination of ballet, jazz, and modern techniques.  Students will learn fluidity, grace, and expression thru song lyrics. Students must have at least 2 years of ballet and must be currently enrolled in a ballet class.


Strength and stretch classes help in learning the basic concepts of muscle contraction. We use stretching as a warm up exercise or also for cooling down. Strength is focused on stretching the muscles that are used for dancing and will prevent injuries.


Class designed for adult students  who enjoy learning ballet while developing confidence, mental concentration, physical coordination and grace. This class is for students who are new to ballet, students who want to dance, but never had the opportunity, and those who have danced before and want to begin again.

A highly recommended fun invigorating workout for adult students that will develop core strength, dynamic balance and flexibility.


This class is a great way to get in shape, to stay in shape, or to just have fun! Every class begins with a full body stretch and warm-up period, followed by progressions and combinations, and ending with conditioning work, followed by a cool down stretch. No prior dance experience required. All steps are taught with a variety of music styles and tempos guaranteed to please.


Class designed for adults who want to have a fun and very intense cardio workout using a basic Hip Hop choreography to upbeat music. This class is highly energetic, fun and with lots of repetition.


This exciting workout combines a moderate to high intensity 40 minute cardio workout with 15 minutes of functional strength. Enjoy energy building cardio choreography and muscle strengthening all in one fun class. The Cardio sections of the class push fat-burning stages followed by strength conditioning that will shape and tone the body. Appropriate for all fitness levels, so join us and jump start your day with a great workout!

TAP - 

This Tap class for adults is a wonderful way to stay active and energetic. The students will explore different music styles and work on full body movements. The class consist of footwork exercises and fun choreography.


Swing back in time to 1930’s and 1940’s. Learn the basics of East Coast Swing, also known as “ Lindy Hop”after Charles Lindbergh in this fun class!  We will cover the basic step, magic step, triple step, beginning turn patterns, rhythm, styling, Ballroom dance etiquette, posture, plus leading and following skills.


Salsa is the most popular Latin American dances. “Pure Life” is a Spanish expression that best captures Salsa. Connect with the heat, energy and vitality of Salsa!  Born in Cuba, Salsa is now danced in almost every country in the world. Come and see why!! Salsa is hot, spicy, and easy to learn. It is a fun and energetic dance, is a great workout and a fantastic way to meet new people. This  class will cover the basics of Salsa to get ready for social dancing : the basic step, underarm turn, cross- body lead, styling, plus posture, leading and following. Have fun, gain confidence and get ready to rock your new moves on the hot salsa social scene!


Transport yourself to a romantic narrow street in Buenos Aires illuminated by a single street lamp and imagine yourself and your partner dancing Argentine Tango. Tango is a dance full of beauty, passion, drama and excitement!  The Tango class introduces gradually the following elements of tango: walking, turning, stopping, navigation, musicality and some embellishments. Learn to feel the rhythm, molinetes ( windmills), and ochos ( steps in the shape of the number 8 ).  Tango is a dance based on walking therefore it will start with approximately 10 minutes “walking practice” followed by other steps  using a popular music of “ Argentine Tango”, “Tango Nuevo”, and other styles.


Expressive and passionate dance originated in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Students will learn basic Flamenco footwork, and rhythms. Arm, wrist movements and proper posture are introduced as students learn basic Sevillanas. Students need character shoes and a full skirt.


Originated in the Middle East, Belly dancing is probably one of the oldest type of dancing in the world.  In this class that creates a mesmerising atmosphere, you can feel as a goddess while achieving graceful, fun, and feminine movements. By studying belly dance, students get a fully enjoyable dance lesson and a great workout at the same time.  At the beginning students will be focusing on basic isolations leading into the traditional steps and movements of Belly dance. Stress is placed on proper alignment and control of the abdominals, endurance, coordination and speed.


An exciting and energizing dance class that offers an aerobic warm-up of body isolations and light cardio, integrated with stretching and preparatory technical exercises for Indian dance movements. Following the warm-up, students will learn choreography to popular Bollywood songs.

KATHAK: (North Indian Classical Dance):

Spins and fast footwork are the hallmarks of Kathak dance. It is great for aerobic conditioning and rhythmic training while there is a strong expressional component as well. If you enjoy Flamenco, you might also like Kathak. If you do Bollywood dance, Kathak can help improve your technique and add variety to your movement repertoire. Kathak is commonly done by both men and women. Students will learn basic footwork and dance sequences.


The Art of Chinese Dance introduces the students to the elegance and beauty of the Chinese culture. Through the language of movement, the dancers explore the richness of China’s long history and complex heritage.